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April 2012

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Advent Episcopal School
April 2012

Sport Fish Restoration

  Another excited group of students were prepared to learn environmental concepts concerning water the most important natural resource on our planet. Mrs. Morrison responds to students interest in fishing. Students already knew that the largemouth bass is Alabama's state freshwater fish. Great job!

A young lady sprinkles cocoa on a watershed model. The cocoa represents mud in our creeks.

In the right picture, Biologist Moss explains the need of clean water for fish, people, and industry.

At the Bubbling Spring, students enjoyed looking at the water come out of the ground. Here the water is so cold rainbow trout are stocked in April for anglers to enjoy. Don't know how to fish? Download our free Basic Fishing Handbook. Good luck?

Here a student takes one foot out of the cold,cold spring at Tannehill State Park. Notice how clean the water is.

A student says, "Life is good at Advent! But this water is cold".

Mr. Moss what are you standing on?
Mr. Moss stands on a dam. Fish passage was discussed during Creek Kids. Dams benefit people but tend to change aquatic habitats.

I found a snail.
Look I found an Asian Mussel. Students learned about exotics.

We found some horn snails.
Biologist Moss shows off another exotic called an apple snail.
Biologist Jackson seines fish with students.
Students use magnifiers to take a closer look at animals collected from the creek. 

Students observe fish that were collected from Mud Creek. Only one specie of fish was seen in the sample  today. Mud Creek's habitat could support more species of fish, but due to human influences upstream water quality is affected resulting in fewer fish being present in the creek. In this picture, students view the sliverstripe shiner, a comon fish present in the creeks at Tannehill.
Thanks for the great fun fishing!
Mr. Doug Darr

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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