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Corner Elementary

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Corner Elementary School Enjoys Creek Kid Program at Tannehill on April 20, 2010

Sport Fish Restoration

Students look for snails and other invertebrates at the sluice for the mill dam.


Students arrive at the park in busses and drop off students in front of the office.

Students walk to the train and to Bubbling Springs.

Dr. O'Neil from the Geological Survey of Alabama talks to the students about fish and water quality.

As students cross the creek, they think about what is in a creek.

Water, stones and woody debris are abiotic items in a creek.  Algae, insects, snails, mussels, crayfish and fish are some of the biotic things in a creek.


Students listen to Ms. Morrison talk about groundwater and springs.

Students check out the spring.

Water in a spring is cold.

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