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November 5, 2010

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 Forest Hills Middle School Enjoys
Creek Kids
November 5, 2010

Sport Fish Restoration

Students listen while Mrs. Morrison discusses how abiotic and biotic factors affect aquatic animals in a watershed.  
Mrs. Morrison uses a watershed model to demonstrate how non-point and point-source pollution is created by humans.
When using the watershed model, green Kool-Aid represents fertilizer. Notice the cow in the creek. What effect would the cow have on nutrients, bacteria, and sediment (dirt) in the creek.
A student replies, "Interesting! We need to get that cow out of the creek." Mrs. Morrison recommended that a fence should be in place and an alternate water source created.
Another student used a spray bottle which mimics rainfall on the watershed model. The more water  sprayed the greater the runoff on the watershed model. Everyone is reminded that we all live in a watershed and human activities may affect aquatic animals inhabiting these areas.
Mussels and snails may be seen on the bottom of this trough. Mussels and snails are our friends and they need clean water. Students observe mussels more closely with these magnifiers.
Students watch as fish are being seined from the creek.

The Island Apple Snail was discussed during the field trip. This apple snail is an example of an exotic animal.
Students wanted to know how they could be more involved in the environment? Mr. Jackson mentioned  that a good start would be by getting involved in outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, or visiting a park.

 Mr. Maurice Jackson
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