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Midfield Elementary

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Midfield Elementary School "Creek Kids" on June 19, 2009

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 Midfield School Busses at Tannehill
Midfield busses unload at Tannehill.

Midfield 21st Century Summer Academic Camp

 train at Tannehill
Students ride the train to look at the watershed.

Students look at the Mill Creek on their way to the train. 

Although a road can prevent challenges to fish wanting to move upstream, a low bridge like this allows for fish movement during floods.

The dam for the mill prevents fish from moving upstream, which creates fish populations that are separated. 

Tannehill has a spring where kids can wade and look for snails and other invertebrates.

"Creek Kids" wade in the water.
Midfield "Creek Kids" get in the water.

Students watch other students seine fish.

Students look at animals that live near creeks. 

A student shows other students a blackspotted topminnow that was captured.

Maurice Jackson seines.
Scientists use a net called a seine to collect smaller fish.

Students get in the water to find their own aquatic animals.

Some of the instructors watch from the bridge.

Students look for invertebrates on their own.

Maurice Jackson shows students aquatic insects on the bottom of rocks.


Students get excited about their new opportunity to learn.

Asiatic clams and aquatic snails are found in Mud Creek.


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