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Wylam Elementary Enjoys Creek Kids Program at Tannehill, May 19, 2011

Sport Fish Restoration

Wylam students learn the importance of clean water within their watershed.   Watershed models are used to show how pollution enters the aquatic environment.
Wylam Elementary students examines this spring, a water resource for plants and animals. Water is a precious resource to humans.
     Fish passage problems occur world-wide. Here a dam blocks fish from moving upstream Students learn the importance of diverse and quality habitats for aquatic animals.
     This Asian clam is small but impressive to a youngster viewing it for the first time. At times timid, these students discover and view live aquatic critters.
        An impressive horn snail. Snails are abundant in some areas of the state. It is unfortunate, but a lot of snails in Alabama are now extinct. The water feels really good. In order to survive, aquatic animals need clean water. The Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center researches aquatic animals.
         In this photo, excitement and the desire to learn more about the aqautic environmentis evident. Fishing is a great way to learn about the environment. Students take a closer look at aquatic insects through green and yellow magnifiers. Wow! A student replied, "Hey, look at the pincher on that insect."
Students learn about exotics and the problems they may cause. An example of an exotic is this apple snail preserved in a jar.    A student waits patiently.
      The wait is over. Students sample the creek with a seine. Biologist Maurice Jackson, explains the different methods used to collect fish.
      The catch of the day a blackspotted topminnow.
Students examine their catch more closely. Cool! Mollusks were found on this rock taken from the stream.

Mr. Maurice Jackson
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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