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Vaughn Road Elementary

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Vaughn Road Elementary School Students Fish at the Montgomery Arboretum

Sport Fish Restoration

Thank you Benny and Evlyn Mann at B & J Grocery for donating the bait used for fishing at the Montgomery Arboretum. B & J Grocery is located at 5601 Old Selma Road, just outside the Montgomery City Limits. They have a variety of worms and other fishing related items, in addition to providing gasoline and grocery items.

Vaughn Road student
Students practice casting before fishing.
Vaughn Road student

Principal McKenzie assists a Vaughn Road student.

This student caught a largemouth bass on the first cast.

Worms are a good bait for bream.

were the most common catch.

A pretty bluegill was caught by a pretty student.

Fish have skin and scales and slim covering both.

I believe this was about the largest bream caught.

Nice job. First fish certificates are available.

Students learn about wildlife in Alabama using a display donated by the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division.
Vaughn Road Students
Vaughn Road Elementary School students are very attentive.

Learning to cast is one of the activities.

Many students had never fished.

The snapdragons are in bloom at the Montgomery Arboretum.

This girl's uncle fishes. She would like to go fishing too.

Casting takes a little concentration.

These students learned quickly.

Students head to the pond to fish.

A fish is caught on the other side of the pond.

A large bluegill is caught right away.

This girl was very happy to catch a fish.

These boys switched spots, but still no luck today.

A friend helps a friend display her catch.

Thanks for the great fun fishing!
Mr. Doug Darr

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

Let's Go Fishing!



Take someone fishing with you
and make a friend for life.

Anglers may purchase a lifetime fishing or hunting license. Receive a discount if purchased by age 11.

Nice bluegill!

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