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Schools in Autauga County

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Step-Outside Events for Schools in Autauga County

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 Prattville Chrisian Academy
Prattville Christian Academy students learn to cast.
Prattville High School students at Lanark
Prattville High School student try to catch minnows during their walk in the creek at Lanark, April 2012.
 Pine Level Students Enjoy a Casting Contest with Teams
Pine Level Elementary School students enjoy a casting contest in Sherry Hunt's PE class, October 2011.
Student samples invertebrates in a stream.
PHS student collects invertebrates in a stream at Lanark during the fall of 2011.
Sampling Water
PHS AP Environmental Science Class analyzes the water in the pond at Lanark, April 2011.
Casting at Pine Level Elementary School
Pine Level Elementary School's Fifth
, Fourth and Third Graders Learn to Cast in Sherry Hunt's PE Class.

Big Catfish
The Prattville Intermediate School's Great Outdoors Club fished at Lanark in May of 2009.

Catfish tagging
The Honors Biology
class tagged catfish for a population study.

PHS students look for invertebrates at Lanark.
Students from Mrs. Amy Boyd's Prattville High School Environmental Science class address water quality and fish populations in Lanark's pond.

 Daniel Pratt Elementary School First Graders Cast
DPES' first graders practice casting, May 1, 2008.

A giant catfish is caught by an Outdoor Club member from Prattville Intermediate School.
Prattville Intermediate School's
Outdoor Club does a little fishing at Lanark on May 5, 2007.

Volunteer and Fishing Pro Chris Jackson Gives Talk at DPES

Daniel Pratt Elementary School cast during PE Class.
Daniel Pratt Elementary School students practice casting in May of 2007.

In April of 2007, Daniel Pratt Elementary School
students went fishing.

Prattville Intermediate
Prattville Intermediate School's
Outdoor Club meets to do some casting.

Prattville Primary learns how to cast on April 13, 2007
Prattville PE teachers learn to teach casting
Prattville PE
teachers cast for good ways to teach students.

Daniel Pratt Elementary School students
fish for green sunfish and catfish at
Lanark during 2006.

On May 3, 2005, this DPES student caught her first fish ever.

Daniel Pratt Elementary School children fish during May of 2004 at the Alabama Wildlife Federation's Lanark.

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