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Collecting Fish

National Physical Education Teacher Training in Alabama - Collecting Fish

The district biologist began with a discourse on why fish are collected using electricity and how the information is used.
Anglers learn about fish management and fish sampling.

Teachers learned how to handle various species of fish.
Physical education instructors receive an opportunity collect fish using a shocking boat.

Fish are collected using electricity.
PE instructors are ready to dip fish.

The results of the effort are shown to all.

Instructors are shown the key characteristics in identifying fish.

Texas teachers know all about holding bass where the students can see them better.
PE instructors show what fine fishermen they are!

Proud to show off a Lay Lake bass.

The "pros" pose for pictures.

Physical education teachers had a chance to see the numbers and variety of fish in Lay Lake.
Electrofishing is observed from the 4-H Center's pontoon boat.

For more information, contact Doug Darr.  To thank Jay Haffner for coming to the workshop, contact him at Jay Haffner

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