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Kindergarteners Fish during October 2007

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St. Pius X Catholic School Kindergarteners Fish in Mobile Bay

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 Happy kindergartener with a fish.
This kindergartener from St. Pius X is happy to catch a catfish.

St. Pius X student fishes Mobile Bay with Dad.
Any time with Dad is fun.  How much more exciting to catch a big catfish too. 

 Mrs. Perez fishing with kindergarteners from St. Pius X Catholic School, Alabama.
Ms. Perez helps this young lady catch a fish.

 St. Pius X students are fishing over a fence into Mobile Bay.
Fishing through a fence is one way to stay out of the water!

Kindergarteners eat lunch on the porch.

Fishing and eating. What a great day at St. Pius X Catholic School.

St. Pius X kindergarteners ate by classroom.





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