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She-BA Home Schoolers Become Creek Kids
April 19, 2012

Sport Fish Restoration

Parents and students are ready to learn about their watershed.

A young man pours cocoa on a watershed model. Cocoa represents mud.

Mrs. Morrison assists the youth.

This student uses a spray bottle. The spray represents rain which causes the cocoa to run-off into the creeks.
Biologist Moss explains why there is a need for clean water for wildlife, people, and industry.
A student replies, "I thought the water was already clean. Looks clean to me". Biologist Moss answers, "polluted water is the #1 threat to our environment".
These guys decided to take a hands-on approach and stepped into bubbling springs at Tannehill. Wow! "Mr. Moss was correct fish can not travel pass this dam".
Students collect mussels from the creek. Hey guys check out my mussels.
Wow! An Asian clam. This clam is an exotic.
Horn snails were found in the creek.

A highlight of the field trip is seining fish from the creek. Students assist Biologist Jackson during this process. The next phase of the field trip is macroinvertebrate identification. Small macroinvertebrates or  aquatic bugs are food for the fish that live in the creeks of Tannehill. The more aquatic bugs collected means more food for the fish.
Students use green and yellow magnifiers to view their find. A young lady holds up a key which has pictures of the common macroinvertebrates. Wow! Look at all of the fish we caught at Tannehill.

Mr. Doug Darr
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