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Fishing with Mr. Doug
St. James Fifth Graders Fish at Camp ASCCA
March 18-20, 2008
St. James School in Montgomery, Alabama

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 St. James at Camp ASCCA, 2008

 Geni Payne opens the Environmental Camp with St. James at Camp ASCCA
Geni Payne, Director of Environmental Education at Camp ASCCA, speaks to the St. James students.


Tom Collier talks about the new Dunn Center.

Erin Witschey does GPS with students.

Col. Bronson introduces international guests helping with "Living Streams."


Dr. Bill Deutsch, Auburn Water Watch, speaks about "Living Streams."

Alabama Water Watch brought some internations from Central America to help.

Andy Baril, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Forester, explains that forestry works means hiking in the woods.

Matt Rickman of the Camp ASCCA staff will be doing "Group Elements," which means problem solving.

 Tuesday's "Step-Outside and Fish with Mr. Doug" pictures

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