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Arcadia Elementary School's Fifth Graders Are Creek Kids

Sport Fish Restoration

Brenda Morrison explains that some of the Creek Kids program is paid with Take-A-Kid Fishing automobile license plates.

The largemouth bass is Alabama's State Freshwater Fish.

Cocoa is shaken on to the EnviroScape to represent dirt.

Green Kool-Aid is applied to represent fertilizer.

When it rains, dirt and fertilizer are washed into the stream.

She sees the result. Yuk.

Jerry Moss talks to the students before the field trip.

The EnviroScape makes learning hands-on.

This watershed is affected by dirt and fertilizer.

A train is used to help understand the watershed concept.

The students found a freshwater mussel.

Students look for snails and mussels in the flume.

An Asiatic clam and a snail shell are found.

Asiatic clams are not native to this country.

At the Bubbling Springs, Jerry Moss explains the concept of groundwater.

Teachers get into aquatic learning.

Arcadia Elementary School, Tuscaloosa, enjoy experiencing groundwater becoming surface water.

Arcadia Elementary School students watch the stream sampling from the bridge.

Cal Johnson with the Alabama Geological Survey catches fish with electricity from a "backpack shocker."

Tom Shepard and Cal Johnson collect fish.

Students figure out what type of invertebrates were found in the stream.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Brenda Morrison
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division
Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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Anglers may purchase a lifetime fishing or hunting license.  Receive a discount if purchased by age 11.

Student look at perserved specimens collected in the park earlier.  They compare these to some of the live specimens caught.

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