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2011 Northside Middle School Creek Kids

Sport Fish Restoration

Mrs. Morrison explains why it is important to get outside and view nature.

How of many you fish? Students were referred our website for ways to improve their angling skills.

Pollution and how it gets into our waterways intrigues students. Things we do on land may affect the critters living in our creeks and rivers.
Cocoa and green Kool-aid was sprinkled on a watershed model. Each substance represent a form of pollution in our watersheds.
Abiotic and biotic factors may affect a watershed. Siltation is a big threat to stream critters and increases the costs of treating water to use for drinking.
Students stand in a cold water spring at Tannehill State Park to learn about ground water. Ground water maintains our creeks and rivers minimum flow.
Students enjoy viewing aquatic wildlife.

This students examines an aquatic snail.
Alabama has more mussels than any other place on the planet. Today, a lot of them are endangered.
Students learn about dams and fish passage. In this picture, notice the water flowing over the dam.
Clean water is important for industry and people.
Horn snails are important in a watershed. Unfortunately, a lot of them are now extinct.
Biologist use seines to capture fish.

A banded sculpin was collected today.
More critters. Crayfish are fun to catch.
Pictures or the use of a key were used to help identify our find.
Small things are eaten by larger animals. If the smaller animals are few, there will be fewer larger critters.Think of this as an ecological pyramid.
Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Maurice Jackson

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division

Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division Logo

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Anglers may purchase a lifetime fishing or hunting license.  Receive a discount if purchased by age 11.

Students enjoy learning from nature.

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