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October 2011

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Parrish Sixth Graders Are Creek Kids, October 2011

Sport Fish Restoration

Students learn about the importance of clean water for people, fish, and wildlife.
Mrs. Morrrison explains and demonstrates how pollution enters our creeks and rivers.
Students learned about the water cycle.
A watershed model was used to show how pollution may be decreased.
Here students visit a spring.
Students meet at Bubbling Springs.

tattoos are giving to all Creek Kid participants. This is a tattoo of an Alabama Hogsucker.
Students wade in a cold-water spring at Tannehill State Park.

Mr. Moss explains the importance of being exposed to nature.

Fishing is encouraged by the presenters. Dams play a major role on fish and aquatic habitats.

A student show off some mussels.

Mr. Moss holds up a preserved exotic animal, the apple snail.

Maurice Jackson helps a student seine.

The net moves through the water to catch small fish.

The best part of the field trip.
  Seining fish!

Students identified insects and learned that these critters are important food items for fish.

Food webs were discussed. Students learned that smaller things are eaten by larger critters.

A student wears her tattoo of an Alabama hog sucker.
Students identified todays catch as a school of silverstripe shiners. Invertebrates were collected today.

Thanks for the great fun!
Mr. Maurice Jackson

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