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April 2006

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The Wehle Land Conservation Center near Midway is host to a number of special events during the year. Read about the gracious donation by Robert G. Wehle that is preserving the conservation heritage for future generations.
By Gaylon Gwin

White Bass Fishing in Alabama
White bass inhabit large flowing rivers and reservoirs in all major drainages throughout the state. Learn about the habitat preferences of this species and techniques to improve your success of reeling in this aggressive fish.
By J. Chris Greene

Needles in the Haystack
Trying to find an artificial reef in the ocean can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, equipment and techniques can make this easier for the saltwater angler.
By Jim Duffy

Secretive Salamanders: A look at Alabama’s “Mole” Salamanders
“Mole” salamanders are among the most beautiful and secretive group of salamanders in the state. Discover how the different species in this group of salamanders live and reproduce.
By Eric Soehren

Race Day at Cheaha
The annual mountain biking race at Cheaha State Parks draws hundreds of  spectators along. As you will see, though, one does not have to be a biker to enjoy this festive race day!
By Connie Roberson

Volunteers Build Multi-Use Trail at Lake Lurleen
A new mountain biking trail is taking shape at Lake Lurleen State Park thanks to endless hours of work by a local bicycle club.
By Steve Reeves

Hunting Memories
From the ranks of Alabama’s many turkey hunters, one man stands out not only for his expertise at calling, but also for his generous mentoring spirit. Paul Mattocks has the passion and all-consuming purpose that only turkey hunters can fully understand. Here he shares some of his favorite memories and a few turkey hunting tips.
By Gaylon Gwin

Farm Pond Resources
Thinking about building a pond? Here are some things you need to know along with how to get technical assistance.
By Joe Addison

Conserving Alabama’s Wildlife A Comprehensive Strategy
Like the other 49 states, Alabama has developed a “Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy.” Alabama’s plan identifies 304 species in greatest need of conservation. Read about this important method of identifying declining species and habitats.
By Jim McHugh

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Eastern Wild Turkey
By Lewis B. Moseley, Jr.

Conservation Heritage

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