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February 2006

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Cover photo by David Cline


2006 Photo Contest
This year’s photo contest drew the most entries yet. See the winning photos in the categories of Reptiles/ Amphibians/Fish, Scenic/Pictorial, Mammals, Birds, Recreation and Flora.

The Decoy Experiment
Alabama now allows the use of decoys for spring turkey season. Do they work? Follow the author on three hunts and find out.
By Jerry de Bin

Tracks from the Past
In 2004 the Alabama State Lands Division acquired an unusual piece of the state’s history, the Steven C. Minkin Paleozoic Trackway Site. Learn why this property is an important discovery for scientists.
By Dr. Prescott Atkinson

Red Snapper World Championship
The annual fishing tournament is helping to support habitat and management of Alabama’s recreational fishing industry.
By Kevin Anson and Jim Duffy

New Freshwater Fish Records
Three new state record freshwater fish were caught in 2005, the green sunfish, bowfin and skipjack herring. How are these records determined? Find out here.

Turtles for Sale!
The demand for turtles as pets and commercial meat production has led to illegal capture and sale of these animals in Alabama. Discover what law enforcement is doing to stop this criminal activity.

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Cottontail Rabbit
By Jeremy Lowery



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