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February 2008

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Cover photo by Scott Thompson,
2008 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest,
Scenic, First Place

2008 Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest
See the winning photos in the Fifth Annual Outdoor Alabama Photo Contest

No matter how you pronounce it, the crappie is one of Alabama’s most popular fish.
By David Rainer
Many rock climbing opportunities are available in Alabama, you just have to know where they are. Find out in this article that takes you on a tour of popular climbing spots.
By Dr. Eric Beck / Photos by Robert Farley
Oak Mountain’s Deer Population
Archery hunting is being used to reduce the population of whitetailed deer at Oak Mountain State Park near Birmingham.
By Forrest Bailey
No, chances are that strange looking fish isn’t a piranha, it’s a pacu. Find out why many people get these species mixed up.
By Steven J. Rider
Parks Profile
Watchable Wildlife
River Otter
By Richard Tharp

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