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July 2005

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Cover photo by Alan Murphy

Follow The Kingfisher!
Comprising 50 stops in 11 counties, the new North Alabama Birding Trail is ready for visitors. Read about Alabama’s newest tourist attraction.
By Gaylon Gwin

Opportunity Knocks
If you’re not taking advantage of Alabama’s early Canada goose and blue-winged teal season, give it a try this year.
By Ben Davis

Giving Wildlife a Second Chance
Visit a place where injured and orphaned animals are cared for until they can be returned to the wild. Songbirds, mammals and reptiles are all treated at The Wildlife Center. Learn more about this special place.
By Gaylon Gwin

Snakes Need Some Respect!
Snakes play an important role in the function of our ecosystems, but get very little respect. Read about these creatures with an open mind and you may be a little less fearful the next time you see a snake.
By Eric C. Soehren

Concrete Challenge
Can a concrete canoe float? When it’s made correctly, it can! Lake Lurleen State Park was the setting for a fun day of challenges for college engineering students from across the Southeast.
By Kim G. Nix

Restoring Aquatic Wildlife
Alabama will be on the cutting edge of aquatic species restoration with the renovation of a facility used to propagate fish and mussels. Learn more about how biologists plan to reintroduce species of special concern back into Alabama’s waterways.
By Nick Nichols

Working Together
The damage caused by 2004’s Hurricane Ivan is still being repaired. Find out how Perdido Pass is being restored through the efforts of several agencies.
By Carl Ferraro

The Silent Killer
You can’t see it or smell it, but carbon monoxide buildup on your boat can cause serious injury. Discover how to protect yourself and your passengers.
By Erica Shipman

The Gray Ghost
Read about this pursuit of a large deer by an avid bowhunter.
By Rocky Drake

Conservation News

Watchable Wildlife
Red-cockaded Woodpecker
By Jeremy Lowery


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