Walleye, sauger and yellow perch are three members of the perch family commonly caught by anglers in Alabama. All three have needle-like teeth, bite well when the waters are cold, and make excellent table fare. Additionally, the perch family has many more members in Alabama that are collectively known as darters. Darters are small, often colorful, fish found most commonly in the rapids of Alabama's streams.

Though walleye (top) are found in major rivers throughout Alabama, sauger (bottom) are only found in the Tennessee River.

One of the most colorful of Alabama's game fish, yellow perch are native only to the Mobile Delta. Yellow perch have been introduced to the Tennessee River, Chattahoochee, Tallapoosa and Tombigbee Rivers in Alabama. Fishable populations exist in Lakes Martin, Yates and Thurlow.

Yellow perch caught on a yellow jig in Thurlow.