Public Land Hunting Opportunities

The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, Wildlife Section operates and maintains 35 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) across Alabama comprising 721,000 acres. These WMAs range in size from 400 acres (Martin CHA) to 91,263 acres (Black Warrior WMA). To learn more information about Alabama’s WMAs and view and print permit maps click the link below.

In addition to the Wildlife Management Areas, The Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries will be unveiling a new opportunity for public land hunting this upcoming 2017-2018 season. This new public hunting format comes in the form of a Special Opportunity Area (SOA). This year, four SOAs, will offer a limited number of slots for a successful permit holder and guest(s) to hunt a dedicated 300-400 acre unit for a 2-4 day hunt on these select SOAs.  The SOA’s are typically smaller than WMAs in acreage and are more suitable for this limited quota (random draw permit) hunting format to reduce pressure and increase the quality of the hunt.

Twenty Physically Disabled Hunting Areas make up Alabama's Hunting and Fishing Trail for People with Physical Disabilities. The trail is a network of public and private recreational sites providing accessible fishing, shooting, and hunting opportunities.

Forever Wild Land Trust

A large percentage of the land purchased through the Forever Wild Land Trust is open to public hunting. Many of the properties have added to acerage of existing Wildlife Management Areas. Some smaller acreage land tracts not within or adjacent to exisiting WMAs are managed as Natural Preserve/Recreation Areas and are open to hunting.

U. S. Forest Service Properties

The U. S. Forest Service has thousands of acres open to public hunting outside of the Alabama WMA system. These properties include significant tracts of land on Bankhead National Forest, Conecuh National Forest, Talladega National Forest, and Tuskegee National Forest. The following website contains information for hunting on National Forests in Alabama.

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers allows public hunting on several tracts of land along various rivers in Alabama. Most of these properties are small in size and as a result have more restrictive regulations regarding their use. All hunters must obtain a free permit from the appropriate US Corps of Engineers office prior to hunting on any of their properties.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge in north Alabama provides hunters with many opportunities to spend a day afield.

Wheeler Wildlife Refuge information