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GRFs and Visiting Researchers

Current Graduate Research Fellows


Mintz (USA)

Effects of non-point source nutrient pollution and environmental variation on native/non-native aquatic plant interactions in Weeks Bay, Alabama.



Novoveska (DISL)

Benthic-Pelagic coupling: Microbial transfer of mercury from contaminated sediments.



Partridge (TAMU)

The effect of non-point source pollution on Gulf pipefish populations in and around Weeks Bay Reserve.


Other Visiting Researchers


Battaglia and Platt (LSU, SIU)

Roles of abiotic and biotic filters in seaward and landward migrations of plant species in coastal landscapes exposed to sea level rise and natural disturbances.


Battaglia, et al. (Southern Illinois University)

Coastal disturbances and seed dispersal.


Caffrey (University of West Florida) 

Ammonia oxidation and ammonia oxidizing bacteria and Archaea population from estuaries with different histories of hypoxia.

Cebrian et al. (DISL) Nitrogen transport through restored Juncus marsh.


Dantin et al. (USEPA)

Valuation of nekton habitat.


Haywick et. al. (USA)

Holocene sedimentary history of Weeks Bay, AL: human and natural impacts on deposition in a Gulf Coast estuary

    ♦3 Year Report

    ♦Final Report

    ♦Coastal Sediment Data Repository webpage


Kalin et al. (Auburn)

How land use changes affect NPS pollution in a coastal watershed.


Liu et al. (LSU)

A 1200-year proxy record of hurricanes and fires from the Gulf of Mexico coast: Testing the hypothesis of hurricane–fire interactions


MacIntyre et al. (DISL)

Forecasting harmful algal blooms from water quality in 2 estuarine hot spots.


Methven et al. (Eastern Illinois University)

Survey of corticolous lichens at Weeks Bay NERR.


Morris and Majors (USA)

Assessing the evolutionary impact of burning pitcher plant bogs on the Alabama coast.


Murgalef (University of Alabama)

Groundwater nutrient transport in coastal Alabama.


Peterson and Lopez (GCRL)

Fundulus jenkensii, saltmarsh topminnow: conservation planning and implementation.


Platt, et al. (LSU)

Do hurricanes spur responses of coastal communities to changing sea level?


Rodgers and McNeal (MSU)

Assessing seasonal hypoxic conditions and sedimentary biogeochemical processes in a shallow Gulf estuary.


Rodgers et al. (MSU)

Tropical cyclone signals within tree ring chronologies from Weeks Bay NERR.


Thompson and Rodgers (MSU)

Variable sedimentation across the Weeks Bay watershed: a comparison of land use/land cover.


Whitbeck, et al. (LSU)

Salt marsh plant/fungal associations response to coastal disturbance.

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