Recreation Licenses expire on August 31 Annually

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Alabama Residents can fish from the bank in their county of residence with hook and line (live bait only) without purchasing a license. Resident must be able to provide reasonable proof of residency while fishing.

Alabama Residents 65 years of age and over are exempt from purchasing the following licenses (MUST have Alabama driver's license or proof of permanent residence and age.  Does not include non-resident landowners.):

  • Hunting
  • Freshwater Fishing
  • Saltwater Fishing
  • State Duck Stamp
  • Wildlife Management Area
Freshwater FishingAllows a resident age 16 - 64 to fish the freshwaters of Alabama. Includes the Wildlife Heritage privileges. No trip licenses available. Expires August 31 annually. (Residents 64 are issued a 64 Lifetime License).$13.30

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Freshwater State Lakes Daily License Allows a resident to fish for one day at any WFF Division owned State Lake in lieu of a resident fishng license.  Not valid in the major rivers and lakes. $6.20

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Lifetime Fishing

Allows a resident up to age 64 to save money over the long term and purchase a lifetime license for yourself or a loved one.


Prices vary

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Resident 64 Lifetime Fishing

Allows a resident 64 years of age to fish the freshwaters of Alabama. Select all game or small game. Includes the wildlife heritage privileges. No expiration.$13.30

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Optional 65+ Fishing License

This voluntary annual licenses provides a way for those residents 65 years or over to continue supporting the wildlife and fisheries programs.  Includes the wildlife heritage privileges.  $13.30

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Senior Lifetime

This voluntary license provides a way for those residents 65 years or over to make a donation supporting the wildlife and fisheries programs.  Includes the wildlife heritage privileges.  No expiration.




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Wildlife Heritage License

Allows residents age 16 - 64 (residents 64 see 64 Lifetime License) to fish in freshwater statewide with hook and line from the bank, fish in WFF operated Public Fishing Lakes (daily lake permits required), hunt small game (except waterfowl) on WFF WMA (WMA permit required), shoot on WFF managed shooting ranges and support wildlife. Expires August 31 annually.$11.00

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Allows residents age 16 - 64 to spear commercial or nongame fish in freshwater and saltwater completely submerged. Freshwater and/or saltwater fishing license also required. Expire August 31 annually.$6.00

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100% Physically Disabled Resident Freshwater Fishing License

Allows a resident age 16 - 64 who has been certified 100% permenantly disabled to fish the freshwaters of Alabama.  Must complete an application and present certification of permenant disability.  License can be purchased at your local Probate Office or License Commissioner and in the Montgomery Office.  Includes the Wildlife Heritage License.  Expires August 31 annually. 


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Disabled Freshwater Fishing 3-Day Event License Allows for DCNR sanctioned events hosting disabled applicants (resident or nonresident) to fish for 3 days (up to 72 consecutive hours).  This license permits up to 20 disabled participants and their assistants on one event.  Each additional participant over 20 will be an additional $5. $100.00

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Disabled Freshwater Fishing Military Veteran's Appreciation

Allows a resident age 16 - 64 to fish the freshwaters of Alabama. Must be certified by the U.S. Veterans Administration to be 20% or more disabled. Present VA certification letter to your local probate office. Includes the wildlife heritage privileges. Expires August 31 annually.$3.10

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Allows a resident (any age) to catch non-game fish in public freshwaters for personal consumption. Prices and number of baskets vary depending on county. Not allowed in all counties.   Expires August 31 annually.

Varies - see application

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