Thank you for purchasing an Alabama Lifetime License! Your license purchase will generate funds for conservation for many years to come. Even if you move out of state, your lifetime privileges in Alabama stay with you. Here are a few resources that you might find helpful.

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Replacement License – If your lifetime license is old, faded or cracked, or has fewer than 10 digits, obtaining a replacement is free if you turn in the old license. If you have lost your license, a $5 replacement fee will be charged. There are several ways to get a replacement:

Wildlife Heritage Privileges – If you have Lifetime Hunting or Lifetime Freshwater Fishing license, you also get the benefits of the Wildlife Heritage License. These include:

  • Hunt all small game, except waterfowl, on any of Alabama's Wildlife Management Areas, Waterfowl Refuges and Community Hunting Areas (Free WMA permit required).
  • Shoot on any of ADCNR's public shooting ranges or community archery parks.
  • Fish at any of the state-owned public fishing lakes (daily permit still required).
  • Freshwater fish with a hook and line from the bank in public waters in all 67 counties.

​Conservation Identification Number  This six-digit permanent Conservation ID# can be used to report your deer or turkey harvest in the Game Check System. Click here to learn more about Conservation ID.



Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits – Want to know what to hunt and when? Consult the most current Alabama Hunting and Fishing Digest.

Game Check – Reporting harvests of deer and turkey is now mandatory for everyone.

You can report harvests through Game Check in one of three ways:

  1. Online
  2. Through the Outdoor Alabama app (click here for links to download)
  3. By telephone at 1-800-888-7690

Harvest Information Program – If you hunt migratory birds, you are required to get a HIP certification, even if you have a lifetime license. HIP is free and can be obtained anywhere licenses are sold, or online through the license purchase program.

Wildlife Management Areas – If you have a lifetime hunting license and you are hunting deer or turkey on a state Wildlife Management Area, you must have an annual WMA license as well. In addition, you must also be in possession of the free permit/map for each WMA that you hunt.

Shooting and Archery Ranges –  Your lifetime license allows you to use these ranges to sight in your rifle, practice with your bow or just improve your shooting skills.



State Public Fishing Lakes – As a lifetime license holder, all you need is a daily permit to fish any of Alabama's 23 state lakes. Currently this permit is $3.



Saltwater Angler Registration – This registration is required for all residents who take, catch, kill, or possess fish or attempt to catch, kill or possess fish in the saltwater jurisdiction of Alabama, even those who have a lifetime saltwater license. Click here for more information.

Snapper Check – Representatives from recreational vessels with red snapper on board are required to report red snapper prior to landing fish in Alabama. The captain or owner of the vessel with red snapper on board is the responsible party for reporting required information; however, anyone on the vessel can report the information. Click here for complete Snapper Check information.