Cliff's Landing
Boating, Fishing, and Bird Watching Access to the Lower Delta

This boating, fishing and bird watching access is off Hwy 225 on the Baldwin County side of the lower Mobile Delta.

Pictures of Cliff's Landing.

As Site 36, Cliff's Landing is also part of the Alabama Coasting Birding Trail.

Rules Posted at this Baldwin County Park System Facility

“While exercising the privilege of using the Baldwin County Park System, please observe the following rules:

  1. This Park or Public Water Access is closed to the Public from dusk to dawn.

  2. The following are prohibited: alcohol, drugs, firearms, fireworks, open fires, loud music, loitering, overnight camping, and diving.

  3. Pick up all trash and properly discard when leaving.

Anyone found violating any of the above rules will be prosecuted.
The Baldwin County Commission will not be responsible for theft and/or vandalism.

Please remember to help keep the Baldwin County park system clean so that one day all our children may enjoy the splendors Baldwin County has offered you today.