Archery I - This is a Beginners Archery Class which provides step by step instruction on shooting a bow at 3-D targets, establishing a good understanding of range estimation and tree stand safety. Learn how to fit and choose bows and arrows. Participants will have plenty of time to hone shooting skills at the range. A favorite among participants!

Archery II - An introduction to the game of 3-D archery and a more in-depth discussion on how to purchase a bow that fits you and meets your needs. Basic Genesis bows will be provided, but participants are encouraged to bring your own if you have one. Archery I is a prerequisite.

Introduction to Cowboy Action Shooting - Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), also known as Western Action Shooting or Single Action Shooting, is one of the fastest growing competitive firearm sports in America today. Participants are timed as they fire at steel targets using antique (pre-1899 era) rifles, shotguns and pistols.  This new BOW class will incorporate the flavor of the Old West, as students will adopt a shooting alias appropriate to a character or profession of the late 19th century and will learn cowboy firearm skills in Old West-themed scenarios. 

Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) II - CAS II a more intensive class for participants who have previously taken Introduction to CAS. In this advanced class, students will encounter additional challenges, such as drawing from the hip, re-holstering pistols, and shooting from the table. More weapons will be added to the challenge, as students will learn to use reproduction pump- and lever-action shotguns, as well as knives and tomahawks, in Old West scenarios. To create an atmosphere that resembles an actual Cowboy Action Shoot sporting event, participants will be timed and scored for target accuracy.

Pistol I—Get hands-on with a handgun! Learn firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting. Learn the various types of handguns, calibers and actions. Practice your skills on the firing range.

Pistol II - A guide to choosing and using a handgun for personal protection. This is not a beginner's course. Handguns will be supplied, but students are encouraged to bring their own along with 100 rounds of ammunition. Pistol I  is a prerequisite.

Precision Reloading: Get the inside scoop on reloading your own ammunition with step-by-step instructions. Whether an experienced shooter or just beginning, this class is packed full of the information you need to start reloading rifle and handgun ammunition. This class will offer a complete reloading review using RCBS reloading equipment including case preparation, priming, power charging and pressing.

Riflery - Learn firearms safety and basic marksmanship skills. Learn rifle types, calibers and actions such as target rifles and popular hunting rifles. Enjoy fun and action on the firing range!

Shotgun I - Learn the basic types of shotguns, as well as how to load, shoot, and clean shotguns. Skeet shooting session provides opportunity to practice. This course is a real BLAST!

Shotgun II - Ready to test your skills learned in Shotgun I session? Advanced skeet shooting session teams ladies up for fun and friendly competition. Shotgun I session is a prerequisite.

Rebekah Okins gets individualized tips on the trap range from certified instructor Rhonda Geiger-Cole.