Terrapin Creek Fishing

Terrapin Creek flows from the Talladega National Forest in Cleburne County through Calhoun and then into Cherokee County. It is an excellent float fishing stream in its lower reaches from County Road 8 bridge, ¾ of a mile west of Hwy 9 north of Piedmont, AL, to the County Road 71 bridge before the creek empties into the old Coosa River channel. This stretch can be broken up into several floats to include from County Road 8 down to the bridge at Hwy 9 at Ellisville (USGS water discharge near Ellisville). From Ellisville, it is a nice float down to the County Road 175 bridge to take out.

Jim Felder runs Terrapin Creek.Terrapin Creek provides excellent fishing for spotted bass, largemouth bass, redeye bass, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, shadow bass, and an occasional striped bass. An ultra-light spinning rod and reel combo or a short fly rod is the appropriate fishing gear; and the lower end of the creek can be floated in a canoe, kayak, or flat bottom boat. More float fishing tips can be found in Dan Catchings" article entitled "Float Fishing."

The upper portion of Terrapin Creek provides excellent wade fishing opportunities, as the creek splits into the South Fork of Terrapin Creek and Little Terrapin Creek. Talladega National Forest contains numerous access sites to the creek. Maps of Talladega National Forest can be obtained from the USDA Forest Service and various outdoor stores. Be sure to wear wading shoes or waders equipped with felt soles, as the stream bottom is very rocky and can be slippery. Downstream of Talladega National Forest, the land on the bottom of the stream and land adjacent to the stream may be privately owned, and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to crossing or wading these areas. Limited access can be obtained from county road bridge right-of-ways crossing the creek.

This shadow bass, an endemic of the Mobile Basin, was caught by Barry Smallwood.

For more information on Terrapin Creek, please contact the District II Fisheries Office.