Fishing in Warrior Reservoir

Warrior Reservoir is an 8,580-acre lake on the Black Warrior River. With Selden Dam near the City of Eutaw, Warrior Reservoir continues upstream to Oliver Dam at Tuscaloosa. The primary uses for this reservoir are navigation, flood control, and recreation. Primitive camping, hunting and boating are available at this reservoir. Eight public access areas provide bank and boat access to Warrior Reservoir.


warriorheadwatersolivertail.JPG (13337 bytes)
Warrior Reservoir headwaters/Oliver tailwaters
photo by Jerry Moss

Since being impounded in 1958 by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Warrior Reservoir is best known for its largemouth bass and crappie fishing. Abundant weed beds provide good cover for bass, crappie, and bream in Warrior Reservoir. Largemouth bass up to 12-13 inches are abundant. Larger fish are available in lower numbers. Bass recruitment is good, but growth is somewhat slower in Warrior Reservoir than in other Alabama reservoirs.

Crappie from 9 to 14 inches are plentiful.  They are usually are found near shore around fallen timber and aquatic vegetation in the spring and fall of the year.  Crappie anglers should target deeper structure during the summer and winter months. 

Bream fishing provides a modest summer and fall fishery mainly in backwater and cove areas in the lower section of the reservoir. The best fishing for major sport species (except hybrid striped bass) is in backwater areas and sloughs.

Hybrid Striped Bass provides a good, year round fishery, but is best in the spring and fall. There are a good number of 3-8 pound fish with some individuals up to about 12-pounds in size. Hybrids are caught primarily in the headwaters of Warrior Reservoir below Oliver Dam or in the tailrace below Warrior Dam (Demopolis Lake).

The upstream tailrace at Oliver Dam is a high use area with good fishing for hybrid striped bass, catfish, drum and crappie. Angler catch rates are relatively high and these areas are very popular with anglers. A new fishing pier and two new access areas have increased angler access to upper section of Warrior Reservoir.

Bass fishing quality at Warrior Reservoir is assessed here.
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