Fish in Alabama

Three phylogentic listings of the freshwater fish in Alabama.  Because Alabama has more than 300 species of fish, the fishes are listed on three pages: Cypriniformes (minnows and carps), Perciformes (perch-like - fish with a spiny dorsal fin and a soft dorsal fin) and other fish species.  These listings contain a hyperlink to a detailed description of the fish (if available), a very short description of where the fish is found along with its conservation status.  To go directly to a listing of the descriptions available, go to Fish in Alabama.

The Tallapoosa shiner is only found in the Mobile basin of Alabama and Georgia.
The Tallapoosa shiner is in the order Cypriniformes.

Copyright picture of the Alabama Darter
The Alabama darter is in the order Perciformes.

Copyrighted picture of the Alabama Shad
The Alabama shad is in the order Clupeidae, one of many other orders of fish found in Alabama.

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