Southern Purple Lilliput Toxolasma corvunculus. Rare. Endemic to Mobile Basin. Formerly widespread in the system, now in small, highly localized populations. Not reported for several years. HIGHEST CONSERVATION CONCERN.

Pale Lilliput Toxolasma cylindrellus. Rare. Endemic to middle reaches of Tennessee River system. Extirpated throughout its distribution except in Paint Rock River system. Usually found in moderate current. Listed as endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. HIGHEST CONSERVATION CONCERN.

Purple Lilliput Toxolasma lividus. Fairly common. Restricted to Tennessee River drainage. Found in both riverine and impounded areas. Low Conservation Concern.

Lilliput Toxolasma parvus. Poorly known. Recognized from Tennessee River system, Mobile Basin, and Gulf Coast drainages. Taxonomic work may reveal a species complex and restrict this distribution. Occurs primarily in soft sediments in sluggish water. Moderate Conservation Concern.

Iridescent Lilliput Toxolasma paulus. Poorly known. Restricted to Apalachicola Basin and Gulf Coast drainages. Populations west of Apalachicola River system may represent one or more undescribed species. Occurs both in current and sluggish water. Moderate Conservation Concern.

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