A Citizen Based Initiative for the Protection and Improvement of WeeksBay and its Watershed



The goal of the Weeks Bay Watershed Project is to improve and protect water quality in the watershed in order to meet or exceed Alabama water quality standards for Swimming and Fish and Wildlife classification.



Volunteer Water Quality Monitors

Strategies for Protection:

♦ Reducing nonpoint source pollution

♦ Supporting habitat protection and restoration

♦ Managing infrastructure and growth

♦ Implementing and evaluating the management plan




How Does the Watershed Project Promote Watershed Protection?


♦ Offering Educational Programs


  -- Presentations: public meetings, Earth Day, River Clean-up, civic groups

  -- Workshops: audiences include municipal officials and staff, technical personnel, state    agencies, students and the public


♦ Conducting Water Quality Monitoring


  -- Weeks Bay Water Watch


♦ Completing "on-the-ground" Protection and Restoration Projects


  -- Assisting land owners with planning and cost share funding