Just what is it that today’s kids want?

According to a study, lots of kids just want more time to be kids, and many of them yearn to be outdoors doing it.

An organization called the Center for a New American Dream recently posed the question, "What do you most want?," and got back 2,000 answers in the form of essays and artwork. Author Betsy Taylor compiled the responses into a book.

Steve Darr and Uncle Doug take Josh on his first fishing trip. Photo by Doug Darr
Kids are in wonder of adult activities.

"Kids today have 25 percent less leisure time than they did just two decades ago," Taylor says. "They are yearning for more time to just be kids. Many children – from ages 5 to 17 – say they want to spend more time outside. There’s an entire chapter in my book on that subject."

When asked specifically if her research showed that kids want to spend more time fishing, Taylor responded without hesitation.

"Yes! I distinctly recall one boy who drew a picture of himself fishing with his dad. In general, kids want a slower pace, and one of the wonderful things about fishing is that it helps us slow down, notice the water, the wind, the current."

What Kids Really Want that Money Can’t Buy – Tips for Parenting in a Commercial World, is published by the Center for a New American Dream .- W.H. "Chip" Gross

Reprinted with permission from Fishing Tackle Retailer magazine.
Steve and Doug combine to catch a large green sunfish.
Kids like to explore the natural world with their own hands.