Chris Cook, Deer Project Study Leader, and Bill Gray, Supervising Wildlife Biologist authored two publications of interest to Alabama deer hunters and managers.  Both publications are no longer in print but are available electronically.  These publications provide great information and should be on the "coffee table" at every hunting club in Alabama.      


Effective Food Plots for White-tailed Deer in Alabama

 Historically, most food plots were planted with small grains in the late-summer or early-fall. These food plots were planted primarily to attract deer to the gun or bow during hunting season. Food plots now are an integral part of many intensive deer habitat management programs. Today, more and more deer hunters and deer managers plant food plots for reasons other than hunting only.

Regardless of the intended purpose of food plots, planning and preparing for planting food plots for deer ahead of time provide the most benefit for your investment. DeerFoodPlots.pdf 

Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer in Alabama

Biology and Management of White-tailed Deer in Alabama was written to provide deer hunters and managers with timely and factual information to aid them in properly managing their deer herds. For the individual hunter or the professional deer manager, this book offers a sound basis for management decisions. For those with only a casual interest in the white-tailed deer, it makes an excellent reference tool.Download a copy of "The Deer Book" now.