Conservation"s Administrative Division provides vital support services for the FOUR operational Divisions: Marine Resources, State Lands, State Parks, Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. 

The Accounting Section is the central clearinghouse for all departmental financial data. Accounting maintains and records all receipts and disbursements for the Commissioner's office, staff sections and each of the divisions. General Accounting includes daily deposits of departmental funds, recording of all expenditures, preparation of monthly financial reports and statements, development of fiscal policies and procedures, reconciliation, coordination and preparation of the annual budget request . Contact the Accounting office at 334-242-3164.

The Engineering Section provides the Department with Engineering, Architectural, Landscape Architectural, Land Surveying and related services. The staff ensures that our solutions to conservation planning and programming, design and construction problems and development of Department projects are integrated with the ecologically functional and aesthetic aspects within the confines of economic feasibility. Contact the Engineering office at 334-242-3836.

The Information Technology Section provides computer hardware, software and networking services for the Department. Hardware services include set-up and installation of desktop and notebook computers, management of departmental servers, and installation and support for printers, monitors, copiers and scanners. Software services include web-based application development and maintenance, analysis, design and support for the Department’s E-Gov applications, support for all mainframe applications, and support and maintenance of Department websites. Networking services include support for all wired and wireless technologies used throughout the department. IT support is also provided for email through the Alabama Consolidated Email system. Contact the IT office at 334-353-8247.

The Information and Education Section provides information, education, and outreach services for the Department. Informational services include print and electronic media such as news releases distributed to state and national media outlets; brochures; press kits; special video productions. Contact the I&E office at 334-242-3151.

The Property Inventory Section is responsible for tracking all new assets acquired by the Department as well as the disposal of all assets once they have reached their end of service. This includes assuring that all new property is barcoded and entered into the state inventory database as well as tracked throughout its lifetime within the Department. The section is also responsible for coordinating and implementing the Department’s yearly internal inventory of property as well as the bi-annual audit by the State Auditor’s Office. Contact the Property Inventory office at 334-230-9616.

The Legal Section provides advice and counsel directly to the commissioner and assistant commissioner, and as a staff function, provides legal services to the directors of the divisions and other department staff. The drafting of contracts, deeds, leases, patents, permits and attorney general opinions are also responsibilities of the legal staff. Litigation against the department and employees as well as litigation initiated by the department is handled by the legal office. The legal office drafts, reviews, and monitors legislation affecting the department. Regulations for management and enforcement efforts of divisions are drafted and approved for execution and followed through the adoption process. The section is responsible for real estate transactions involving land owned or managed by the department and for the legal work associated with the state"s oil and gas leasing activity. Contact the Legal office at 334-242-3165.

The Personnel Section processes payroll and is responsible for maintenance of personnel and payroll records for all biweekly and hourly employees. The section also serves as liaison to the State Personnel Department for all personnel actions. Contact the Personnel office at 334-242-3578.