Range directory

Before using one of ADCNR's twelve unmanned shooting ranges, please watch this video to help you know what to expect. It explains the do's and don'ts of shooting firearms at Alabama's unstaffed shooting ranges.


IAIndoor Archery
SCSporting Clays
*Fee or membership required
#State hunting license or WMA license required
^No fee required
Autauga County  
Archery Unlimited*IA334-358- 2697
Autauga County Bowhunters*A334-361-8663
Baldwin County  
Dennis Lake Wing Club#SK, P, R, A251-689-8527
Upper Delta WMA Shooting Range#S, R, P251-626-5474
Barbour County  
Barbour County WMA Shooting Range#S, R, P334-529-3222
Barbour Creek Shooting AcademyR, P334-845-0000
Bibb County  
Vick Shooting Range*  S, R, P205-926-9765
Blount County  
Big Springs Hunting Preserve^P, R, SC256-466-3145
Green Ridge Shooting RangeP, R, S205-681-2121
Bullock County  
Greenway Sportsman's ClubS334-738-3072
Calhoun County  
Moss Branch Shooting Range *S, R, P

(256) 473-3706

Chilton County  
Chilton County Bowhunters*A205-294-0002
POPS Armory*P205-646-1486
Cleburne County  
Heflin Community Archery Park#A 256-463-5434
Circle W Hunting Preserve*SC256-463-7769
Henry Creek Firing Range*S, R, P256-463-2272
Coffee County  
Lock N Load^P334-347-5151
Colbert County  
Freedom Hills WMA Range#S, R, P, A256-353-2634
Waterfall Valley Hunt Club*  
Coosa County  
Coosa County WMA Range#S, R, P256-435-5422
Rockford Gun Club*R, P 
Covington County  
Conecuh National Forest Range*S, R, P334-222-2555
South Alabama Gun Club*S, R, P334-222-3671
White Oak Archery*A, IA334-493-2697
Cullman County  
CSS RangeR, P256-736-9950
Cullman Community Archery Park#A256-734-9157
Cullman Parks and Recreation Indoor RangeIA256-734-9157
Todd's Outdoors*A, IA256-796-1455
Maple Ridge Gun Club*S, R, P256-709-2860
Van's OutdoorsIA256-775-4031.
Wilborn Outdoors*A, IA256-737-9595
Dale County  
Tri-States Gun Club*R, P, S334-774-5972
Ozark Community Archery Park #A334-774-0588
Dallas County  
Central Alabama Fowl Preserve*SC, A334-366-2589
Dekalb County  
Dekalb County BowhuntersA256-659-2000
Elmore County  
Bennett’s Archery *A334-514-1286
Escambia County  
Conecuh Shooting Range #P, R, S334-222-2555
Etowah County  
Etowah County Bowhunters*A256-442-4956
Etowah Public Shooting Range#S, R, P, M256-435-5422
Mountain Outfitters*IA256-538-1161
West End Bow Club*A256-353-2086
Fayette County  
Fayette County Gun Club*S, R, P205-932-4051
Franklin County  
Cedar Hill Trap Range*S256-412-9287
Hale County  
South Sandy Shooting Range #S , R,  P205-339-5716
Henry County  
Headland Skeet *S334-791-1100
Houston County  
Dothan Eastgage Park Archery Range#A334-615-3730
The Firing Line*S R A334-677 -5024
Jackson County  
Skyline WMA Firing Range #S,  R,  P256-587-3114
Jefferson County  
Alabama Training Institue & Pistol*P205-592-3004
Brock's Gap Training CenterS, R, P 
Magic City Gun Club *S, R, P205-325-1914
Pleasnt Grove FOP Range *P, R, S205-744-2600
Southern Trap and Skeet *T S205-956-6800
Lamar County  
Murphy WMA Firing Range #S, R, P256-353-2634
Lauderdale County  
Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap *S 256-757-1481
Lawrence County  
Doublehead Resort & Lodge*SC800-685-9267
Lee County  
Sportsmans OutpostA,R,P332-501-2411
Limestone County  
Swan Creek WMA Range #S, R, P, M256-353-2634
Athens Community Archery Park#A 256-353-2634
Limestone Hunting & Sporting Clays*SC256-423-6029
Macon County  
Central Alabama Gun Club*S, R, P, A334-324-3257
Tuskegee National Forest *S, R, P334-727-2652
Madison County  
Larry's Gun and Pawn *P256-534 -1000
Madison Co. Shooting Sports Assn.S R P256-379-2716
Mars Skeet Club*SK, T256-544-7198
Marshall Skeet Club *Sk256-544-1141
Marengo County  
Demopolis Community Archery Park#A334-289-2891
Marengo Public Shooting Range#S, R, P205-339-5716
Marion County  
Archer's PointA (3D)205-993-8587
Marshall County  
B & G Rifle and Pistol ClubS R P256-534-7968
Marshall County Bowhunters *A256-878-8023
Sand Mountain Shooter's Club*S, R, P256-593-8027
Mobile County  
Emerald Island Firearms*S, R, P251-675-0015
Gunport*P, S, R, T, Sk251-824- 1776
Monroe County  
Village of Buena VistaS251-593-6400
Monroe County Archery Club *A334-862-2374
Specialist Shooting ServicesP R S334-564-2155
Montgomery County  
Dixie Trap Club *S T334-584-7651
Lower Wetumpka Shotgun Sports Club *S T SC A334-420-3371
Tri-County Shooting RangeR P  334-265-8865
Montgomery Indoor Shooting Complex *P334-215-2255
Morgan County  
Decatur Community Archery Park#A 256-341-4940
Pickens County  
Westervelt Lodge*A, R, SK, SC205-562-5263
Russell County  
East Alabama Gun ClubR, P 706-888-3140
Shelby County  
Cahaba River WMA Shooting Range #S, R, P, M205-339-5716
Oak Mountain Community Archery Park #A205-620-2520
St. Clair County  
Heritage Gun Club *S, R, P 
Talladega County  
CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park *A, M, P, R, S


Lincoln Community Archery Park#A205-763-1006
Red Eagle Gun Club *T, S256-378-6970
Selwood Farms *S, SC256-362-7595
Sheppard Branch Range *S, R, P256-362-2909
Tallapoosa County  
Alex City Shooting Club *R, P256-329-0080
Tuscaloosa County  
C & W Shooting *   S, P, R205-339-0849
Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports*R, P205-614-3255
Tuscaloosa Community Archery Park #A205-331-5600
Warrior Ranch Training Center *R, P, S205-409-6091
Walker County  
Pat's ArcheryA205-221-3974
Winston County  
Stix-N-Strings Archery Range*A(3D)256-747-4569
Hurricane Creek Range *S, R, P205-489-5111
















This directory was made possible largely because of hunters. The Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries operates on revenues derived through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses, as well as Federal taxes and duties which sportsmen pay on hunting, fishing, and boating equipment. Federal funds are provided to the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries through the Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration Act. This program was enacted in 1937 by Congress at the request of the nation’s hunters. The revenue is used to operate wildlife management areas, conduct wildlife research and surveys, hunter education, species restoration, and many other activities of the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. The symbol shown above left is displayed at all projects which receive Wildlife Restoration funds.

To receive a copy of this directory plus additional information regarding hunting permits and leases, please write:

Alabama Hunter Education Program
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Montgomery, Al. 36130

Or E-Mail Hunter Education Coordinator Marisa Lee Futral.