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Approximately 14,000 students participate in the Alabama Hunter Education Program annually. Needless to say, the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries is always in need of additional volunteer instructors to promote safe, responsible hunting through the Alabama Hunter Education Program. All instructor applicants must meet the following requirements:

Must have completed a hunter education course
Be at least 19 years of age
Have had no significant misdemeanor, felony or wildlife violations in recent history
Enjoy working with young people
Believe in and practice safe, responsible hunting and "fair chase"

Becoming a certified Alabama Hunter Education Instructor is a two step process that requires instructor candidates to complete a Hunter Education Instructor application and pass a criminal history background check.  Click here to download an Hunter Education Instructor Application in pdf format. 
The instructors candidate must then attend a hunter education certification workshop and assist with two hunter education courses prior to becoming a certified Hunter Education Instructor. 

The following is information regarding upcoming hunter education instructor certification workshops.

There will be a three day hunter education instructor course for teachers only in Auburn June of 2016.  This is the workshop we prefer teachers to attend, as it provides extra resources and ideas for teaching a class for an entire Semester if desired.  At least 16 hours of CEU's will be awarded.  Please call 334-242-3620 if you are interested in attending.

As a hunter education instructor you should have the desire to teach effectively.  You must satisfactorily demonstrate this desire, as well as your teaching ability, in order to make your course a success.  Volunteer instructors are expected to:

1. Notify other instructors, or your class, if you have been unavoidably delayed for more than 15 minutes or are unable to keep you schedule.
2. Carry out duties in a prompt, dependable and reliable manner.
3. Maintain a professional attitude.
4. Be warm, friendly and courteous to all students, parents, observers and other instructors.
5. Be clean and neatly dressed.
6. Be a person of high moral character.
7. Refrain from smoking, chewing tobacco or consuming adult beverages before or during class.
8. Make limited use of personal experiences (no war stories).
9. Accept and act on evaluation offered by other instructors.
10. Accept and act on guidance and decision of the Hunter Education Staff.
11. Maintain the dignity and integrity of the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries.
12. Make suggestions on how we can improve the hunter education program.
13. Participate in at least one class per year to remain active.

Please E-mail Hunter Education Coordinator Marisa Lee Futral, if you have any questions or comments regarding the procedures for becoming a certified Alabama Hunter Education Instructor for the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, call 1-800-245-2740 or (334) 242-3620.