Carnivores vary greatly in size and appearance.  The name is somewhat misleading, however, for while many carnivores live mainly on fresh killed prey, others are omnivorous eating a great deal of vegetation.  All have three pairs of relatively small incisors on the upper and lower jaws, and large strong canines.  Most have one annual litter with offspring born blind and requiring a relaively extended period of parental care.  Carnivores generally live on land, but some spend part of nearly all of their time in water. 


Cats - Family Felidae


Cougar(Extirpated in AL, endangered) 



Wolves, Dogs, Foxes, and Jackals - Family Canidae


Red Wolf (Extirpated in AL, endangered)

Gray Fox 



Red Fox 




Bears - Family Ursidae

Black Bear 


Eared Seals, Fur Seals, and Sea Lions - Family Otariidae

California Sea Lion 


Weasels, Badgers, and Otters - Family Mustelidae

North American River Otter 

Long-tailed Weasel 

American Mink 




American Badger (Accidental)




Skunks - Family Mephitidae

Striped Skunk 

Eastern Spotted Skunk 


Raccoons, Ringtails, and Coatis - Family Procyonidae

Ringtail (Accidental)