The Lincoln Community Archery Park was developed through a partnership between the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Archery Trade Association and the City of Lincoln.  The park features adult and youth known distance targets from15-50 yards and 5-20 yards, respectively.  A 12 foot high elevated platform provides bow hunters with an opportunity to simulate hunting conditions at targets from 10-40 yards.  There is also a 16 target walk through course for archers to shoot at targets at unknown distances. 

Location: 1584 Holly Hills Road, Lincoln, AL 35096. 

GPS coordinates: 33.64338 N   -86.112717 W.  

Please click on the Google map  link to view an aerial image of the range location.  

For Alabama residents, a valid hunting, heritage, fishing, or WMA license is required for all range users between the ages of 16-64. For nonresidents, a valid WMA license is required for all range users age 16 or older.  License information

Purchasing a license can be done in one of three ways: 
       1) Online by clicking here 
       2) By calling 1-888-848-6887
       3) Visit a retail vendor in your community

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department offers archery classes and other activities as part of their commitment to increase involvement in archery at the local level.  

 Range Regulations

(a)    The range is open during daylight hours only.

(b)    No alcoholic beverages allowed.

(c)    Arrows may only be nocked onto the bowstring when standing on the shooting line preparing to shoot.

(d)    Shoot only from the shooting line into the designated targets. 

(e)    Shooters are allowed to bring and shoot at a paper face placed on an existing target as long as it is removed from the range or placed in a trash receptacle once an individual has finished shooting. Personal targets are not allowed on range. 

(f)    Bows must be hung on the bowhanger behind the shooting line when waiting to shoot or while archers are down range retrieving arrows.

(g)   All persons are to remain behind the shooting line while shooting is taking place. No shooting shall be allowed while anyone is down range.

(h)   Arrows from bows of 30 pound draw weight or more may only be shot into the targets on the adult range. Arrows from bows less than 30 pound draw weight may be shot into targets on the youth or adult range.

(i)    Only arrows with field or target points may be used or possessed on range. No broadheads may be possessed on the range.

(j)    All individuals standing on or utilizing the elevated platform must wear a full body harness, including shoulder and leg straps, and attach themselves to the appropriate safety cable with the use of a “D” ring or safety carabineer.  

(k)   All used paper target faces and other trash shall be placed in a trash receptacle or removed from the range.