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1.  Anlger must leave and return to an Alabama port without making landfall in another state, except in cases of emergencies involving safety of the boat or crew.

2.  An official application must be submitted to the Marine Resources Division at either the Dauphin Island office or Gulf Shores office within 30 days fo the catch.

3.  Application must include a photo clearly showing the distinguishing features of the fish.

4.  Weighing of fish must be witnessed by two persons not related to the angler and fish must be weighed on certified scales.

5.  Fish must be caught by rod and reel using natural or artificial bait.

6.  Fish must be on list of accepted species established by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), unless otherwise certified by the State records committee.

7.  Size of fish must be representative of the species.

8.  To replace a record for a fish weighing less than 25 pounds, the replacement must weigh at least 2 ounces more than the existing record.  To replace a record for a fish weighing 25 pounds or more, the replacement fish must weigh at least one-half of 1 percent more than the existing record.

Examples:  At 50 pounds, the additional weight required would be 4 ounces; at 100 pounds, the additional weight required would be 8 ounces; at 200 pounds, the additional weight required would be 16 ounces.

Any catch which matches the weight of an existing record or exceeds the weight by less than the amount required to defeat the record will be considered a tie.  In case of a tie claim involving more than two catches, weights must be compared with the original record (first fish to be caught).  Nothing weighing less than the original record will be considered.

9.  Application must be reviewed and approved by a majority of the Record Fish Committee.  Their decision is final.

10.  Fish must be fought by only one angler; assistance in gaffing or netting is allowed.

11.  Fish should be kept (frozen) for at least 15 days after forwarding of application.  Should there be any question regarding identification of the fish, a Marine Resources Division employee may request that the fish be brought to the Marine Resources" Dauphin Island office or Gulf Shores office.

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