Listing of Alabama Species
on the Federal List for Threatened and Endangered Species

For the latest information, go to the US Fish and Wildlife Service"s list of endangered and threatened species in Alabama.
For a county by county listing, go to Alabama's Threatened and Endangered Species, by County.
Other nongame species may be protected by Alabama regulation. The Alabama Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy is a process to bring back Alabama's imperiled species, especially those Alabama species of greatest concern.

A four-volume set of books about Alabama nongame species, including imperiled species, is available.

The vermilion darter is federally listed as endangered, and it only lives in Alabama.
Only found in Jefferson County of Alabama, the vermilion darter is federally listed as endangered.

bald eagle in Alabama
Formerly listed by the federal government as threatened, the bald eagle has recovered in the lower 48 states to a point where the bald eagle has been delisted.  The bald eagle protected by various statutes.