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Alabama’s hunter education program helps keep hunting safe and enjoyable. The program covers the skills, regulations and responsibilities of hunting, and wildlife conservation that help to secure our hunting heritage. If you were born on or after August 1, 1977, you must complete an approved hunter education program before being eligible to hunt (see exceptions below)* Alabama has two hunter education options: a traditional course with a written test or an Internet course. Don't wait, start today!

Hunter Education Videos - from Hunter-Ed.com
How to Talk to Kids about Gun Safety - video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Project Childsafe

There are two ways to obtain your hunter education class as described below. An in-person class, also called a traditional class, or an all online internet option. Either option fulfills the hunter education requirement needed to purchase your hunting license.

Traditional Hunter Education course (In person classes)

The traditional hunter education course is a minimum 8 hours of instruction plus a written examination. The course is taught by Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries personnel and volunteer instructors to participants 10 years of age and older and is offered free of charge. The course includes but is not limited to firearms safety and handling, responsible hunting and hunter ethics, wildlife laws, wildlife management and identification, archery, muzzleloading, first aid, survival and game care.


For a complete list of traditional hunter education classes click  the link above.

If Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations are needed at an in-person traditional hunter education course, please contact Marisa Futral by phone at 334-242-3620 or by email. Requests should be made as soon as possbile, but at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled course.

Internet Course

The online courses feature the best hunting safety videos available, along with interactive learning exercises and games, and comprehensive hunter education content to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and responsible hunter. This option is open to Alabama residents only. The online courses feature the best hunting safety videos available, along with interactive learning excercises and games, and comprehensive hunter education contecnt to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a safe and responsible hunter.  The internet course providers do charge a fee for the online optino.







When You Complete the Course

Students who successfully complete the Alabama Hunter Education Program through one of the aforementioned processes will obtain a hunter education certification card that is recognized by all 50 states and Canadian provinces where proof of hunter education is required to purchase a hunting license. For hunter education requirements in other states and Canadian provinces click here.

Which Course is Right for You

The traditional course is recommended if you prefer in person, face to face instruction or your household only has dial-up Internet access.

The online hunter education courses work well with high speed internet access.

*Exemptions to the Hunter Education Requirement

The Alabama Wildlife Heritage Act of 2007 provides a mentor provision for hunter education. Now, hunting license buyers have the option to hunt under the "supervision required" status in lieu of passing the hunter education course. However, successful completion of an approved hunter education course is mandatory for all non-supervised hunting license buyers. Hunters under supervision must be under normal voice control, not to exceed 30 feet away from a properly licensed hunter 21 years of age or older. Under no circumstances shall the supervising person be the holder of a "supervision required" license.

Law enforcement officers employed in Alabama and certified by the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (APOST), active duty U.S. Military personnel, and Alabama residents who are active members of the AL National Guard are also exempt from the hunter education requirement. 


Please call the hunter education office at 1-800-245-2740 or email Hunter Education Coordinator Marisa Lee Futral if you have additional questions or require more information.