Alabama Wildlife and their Conservation Status

Alabama is blessed with tremendous natural diversity that spans terrestrial habitats from the gulf beaches to the lower Appalachian Mountains.  The state also contains a wealth of water and wetland resources.  Indeed, the Mobile-Tensaw Delta is recognized as one of the most significant and important delta complexes in the nation.  This great physical diversity produces numerous habitat types and the abundance of wildlife species they support.  Therefore, Alabama is consistently ranked among the top three to five states in terms of overall biodiversity.

On the following pages you will find information concerning the many amphibians, birds, crayfish, fish, freshwater jellyfish, mammalsmollusks and reptiles found in Alabama.  These pages are under construction, so please be patient if the species you are looking for is not listed.  Additional species will continue to be added until all known species are listed.


wood duck

P. P_okaloosae by Dr. Schuster, Eastern Kentucky U.


Freshwater Jellyfish