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Nominations Open for Alabama State Parks Fifth Annual Eagle Awards

The Alabama State Parks Division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has begun accepting nominations for its prestigious Eagle Awards, which recognize special contributors and outstanding efforts to support the parks.

Nominations for the fifth annual Eagle Awards are open online at, and the awards will again be presented in five categories: Elected Official, Community Partner, Park Partner, Volunteer in Parks (VIP) and Youth (students 12th grade and younger). Deadline for submitting nominations is Monday, Jan. 11, 2021.

“We know our parks couldn’t thrive without the tireless efforts of so many groups and individuals, and that has been more obvious than ever in 2020,” said Greg Lein, Director of the Alabama State Parks System. “So many people give their time and talents to the park, and that’s why it’s a challenge to select the Eagle Award winners each year. The Eagle Awards provide the perfect way for us to say thanks and recognize people who truly make Alabama State Parks so special.”

Here are brief explanations of the Eagle Awards categories:
Elected Official: This award honors an elected official who has worked in conjunction with the parks to help fulfill its mission to preserve natural areas, operate recreational facilities and extend the public’s knowledge of the state’s natural environment.
Community Partner: Parks succeed with the cooperation and support of community organizations such as other government organizations, chambers of commerce, tourism organizations and local businesses – groups that understand that the success of the park means success for the community.
Park Partner: Organizations work to provide or maintain amenities in the parks, such as hiking and biking trails, that otherwise might not exist due to the allocation of resources for other services. This award celebrates those partners who see a need and cooperate with park leadership to fill it.
Volunteer in Parks: These VIPs work in various ways to make our parks system better. Volunteers may be providing physical labor or strategic planning to improve one park, or the entire system of parks.
Youth: Our parks inspire young and old, but the impression left on youngsters often lives with them forever. Many turn their love of the parks, of the outdoors, into projects to benefit some of their favorite places – often as part of a Scouting program. This award, for students 12th grade and younger, honors the person whose contribution is extraordinary.

About Alabama State Parks
The Alabama State Parks is a division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and maintains 21 state parks encompassing approximately 48,000 acres of land and water in Alabama. The parks range from Gulf Coast beaches to Appalachian Mountains and provide opportunities and facilities from basic day-use activities to resort convention lodging, restaurants and golfing areas. These parks rely on visitor fees and the support of other partners like local communities to fund the majority of their operations. Learn more at 


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